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Kristina Wenger, MD 

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Smoking: We are firmly and unapologetically anti-smoking. We understand that smoking is an addiction, but parents who smoke will be reminded of the risks to their child and themselves at every office visit. This is not meant to be tedious or offensive.

Breastfeeding: We agree that breastfeeding is the ideal nourishing, inexpensive food for term infants and encourage all new mothers to consider breastfeeding their newborns beginning in the hospital. We will do everything possible to help mothers who want to breastfeed. We also understand that not all mothers can breastfeed successfully, and we support mothers who formula-feed their infants as well.

Immunizations: In the state of Arkansas, children who are not vaccinated for “philosophical reasons” are not allowed to attend public school, most private schools, daycare, Head Start, and many other programs (like summer camp unless wavers are applied and granted.) Unimmunized children are a terrible health risk to other children. Thus, following the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics, we encourage all children to be vaccinated according to the current schedule.

Some parents by choice refuse to vaccinate their children. We will discuss the risks of refusing immunizations at every office visit. This is not meant to be tedious or offensive.

We will not, under any circumstances, complete a medical exemption statement for children who do not have a valid medical reason (such as leukemia, AIDS, etc.) for withholding immunizations. Doing so is a commission of perjury.

Contraception: Our practice is limited to infants, children and teenagers who are not pregnant or married. Abstinence is the safest, most effective choice for birth control and protection from STDs, as well as for maintaining emotional and physical health for all unmarried young people.

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